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Z9 Bluebird Test . . .

“Bluebird” Change of pace today. I attached the 200-500 telephoto to my new Nikon Z9 for the first time today to try two things; first how does the camera’s “animal eye autofocus” actually work, and secondly how does it work on the 200-500 with a 1.5 extender giving 750mm effective focal length. Yes, I know a lot of technical jargon, but in layman’s terms, “How’s this thing going to work for bird photos in my back yard?” The results follow. Actually I’m quite impressed. It locked on to the birds eye quickly and accurately even when they weren’t looking at me. Look at the first photo; the eye is tack sharp even at 750 mm hand held when it isn’t looking at me. And it also handled harsh (noonish) light quite well. Quite happy. It was nice Mr. Bluebird came by and visited. Also, nice to shoot in back yard sitting in lounge chair with cool drink!


Day in the life of a Sports Photographer

“Indianapolis 500 Race Day” A number of you have asked, “What’s it like to be a photographer at the Indy 500?” I don’t know the best way to answer, but what I’m going to do is break my day down and share a few photos as well as the backstory to some of my assignments on race day. It may get lengthy, but if you don’t care to read then just enjoy the pictures. Part 1 – early morning. I mean EARLY!! I’m out the door at 4am to beat the 300,000 other souls who are also driving to the race. Smooth sailing coming in, and arrive in media parking lot (perk to get an assigned lot close in.) Then walk over to the photo staff room in the base of the media center and get my three page (two sides) shooting assignment sheets. Make sure I know my assignments and timing. Then, grab cameras( Two, each cleaned, charged, checked, and loaded the night before.), flash, and head out looking for early general shots of people and crowds. Gates open at 6 am, and I like to get some shots of the early arrivers (Shots #1,2 and 3) when they are really pumped to just get in. Then dash – literally – to the very top – oh how I hate those stairs – of the turn 1 chute grandstand to get the sun rising at 6:37 am. I know from prior research the time and sun rise location. I take the shot with a wide angle with small aperture to get the sun star. (Shot#4) (Makes a nice general shot, and last years was used in the official 500 program.) Then climb down the stairs and walk back to media center. On way back I stop by the pork kabob stand where they know my name and pick up for kabob and pita breakfast. (about 2 miles total). Are you interested -stay tuned . .


Maplelawn Farmstead

The photographs from Santa’s visit to Maplelawn Farmstead  on 12/12/21 are free for you to download;   click “Clients” above right and navigate to the Maplelawn-Farmstead folder, right-click to download. Enjoy, and if you would like large prints, canvases, framed prints or . . . message me. Thanks for letting me photograph this wonderful day at a great location.

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With the pandemic – I have moved my blog to Facebook (dougmathewsphotography) and Instagram (   Please visit/contact me there.  I’m still in business and accepting clients, and studio work.  Thanks

Goose pond. Part 1

The great street photographer, Jay Maisel emphasized in a recent class strive for “Light, gesture and color” to make your photos standout. Today, I watched the sunrise at Goose Pond wetlands in southern Indiana. I thought I might see some Sandhill Cranes on the migratory route . . . and I did. I tried to apply Jay’s advice – here are some of my results.

Image may contain: bird, outdoor and nature
Image may contain: outdoor
Image may contain: bird, sky and outdoor
Image may contain: bird, sky and outdoor

Rainy track days

I always treasure those rainy days when cars are on the track. It’s one of the reasons I like the Indy GP because the cars will run on a wet track. Obviously, the fantails add to the drama – and when the light is right- it’s soooo coool. Formula 2000 (?) from last years Indy GP weekend.

Image may contain: car and outdoor

2019 Best

Ten best shots from 2019: (not necessarily best, but my favorites.)

2019 favorites #10. Excellent dancers make it look effortless – belying the hours of hard work and dedication that make it possible. “Breathless Beauty”

No photo description available.

2019 Favorites #9: This TF-P51D “Talouose Nuts” is from the Collins collection. This was taken during a Dayton, Ohio visit. Sometimes you’re in the right spot at the right time, and the clouds God smiles on you. “What a Ride”

Image may contain: airplane, sky, cloud and outdoor

2019 Favorites #8.  Strauther Pleak round barn circa 1914, Greenfield, Indiana. I had wanted this shot with snow falling for a number of years (many failures) but had not been successful till last winter. It was exactly as I imagined.

Image may contain: sky, tree and outdoor

Best of 2019, #7: Devils Tower, Wyoming the evening after our daughter and son-in-law climbed it!

Image may contain: cloud, sky, outdoor and nature

Best of 2019, #6: Union Pacific’s “Big Boy” locomotive in Belle Plaine, Iowa. Largest operating locomotive in world, 132 feet long, and 1.3 million pounds. Chased down in mid-Iowa with fellow photog Dana, long day, great fun and good pictures.

Image may contain: sky, cloud and outdoor

Best of 2019, #5: Female Ruby Throated hummingbird – “Lookin’ me Over.”

Image may contain: bird

Best of 2019, #4: Multnomah Falls, Columbia River gorge, Oregon. I have shot this falls on many occasions, but last spring with some morning rain and clouds that provided a nice beam; this one is my favorite. (This task is much harder than I thought – these last few selections are killing me. . . )

Image may contain: outdoor

Best of 2019, #3: Bengali Cave, Alagarve, Portugal. From the ocean on a calm and beautiful morning.

Image may contain: outdoor and nature

Best of 2019, #2: Max Chilton leading the pack during practice. Max would later be bumped from the 2019 Indy 500 33 car field, and retire from Indy Car oval racing. Indy cars entering turn #1 at the end of the main straight are especially challenging to photograph: 240 mph right at you, with the air movement shaking your camera and a big lens it makes pin-sharp shots technically difficult. The large number of cars on-track packed pretty tightly was the icing on the photo.

Image may contain: car and outdoor

Best of 2019, #1: Columbia River Gorge from the Portland Women’s Forum viewpoint. A very common shot, but on this Spring morning the air was very clear and it just spoke to me. Not necessarily my best shot of the year, but appropriate to begin 2020. In the next three days more photos will be taken than all of the film photos every shot . . . so in the clutter make your shots stand out. I’ve posted no family shots in this series which, of course are most precious and my real favorites, but thanks for following my adventures and Happy New Year.

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Thank you for tking the time to look through all of these.  As you can tell I photograph a wide variety of things, but motorsports and travel are my personal favorites.

Roanoke, Virgina -Part 2

Image may contain: sky, tree, cloud, outdoor, nature and water “Peaks of Otter” Obviously, the Fall colors dominate and reflections of them just multiply the wonderful color. But the light can influence the colors also. Here are some trees and a couple reflections from the Blue Ridge Parkway just North of Roanoke in some different light. The foggy conditions made for great shooting opportunities:

Image may contain: sky, tree, plant, outdoor and nature
The even light yielded lovely muted saturated colors:
Image may contain: tree, plant, sky, outdoor and nature
But the trees were the stars, and when reflected doubling the impact.
Image may contain: sky, tree, cloud, outdoor, nature and waterMy favorite from the shoot.  At the end of the day walking back to the car, the red chair caught my eye.  I love a touch of red in my photos, no to figure out how to get the beauty of the tree, subtle, the reflection and still draw the eye to the “easter egg.”  I was happy with this.

Roanoke, Virgina -Part 1

Image may contain: tree, outdoor and nature

Roanoke, Virginia this week. Evening #1: With the colors almost at peak (depending on elevation), an early evening sunset (for best light), and four days it made for some great after-work photography. First evening it was very foggy at elevations, but I took a chance and drove south along the Blue Ridge Parkway to see Marby Mill. It is the most photographed location on the entire parkway. I have shot it before (maybe five years ago) but during the day. This was a foggy cool evening and I didn’t expect there would be anyone else around. So, how do you shoot something that has been shot 1000’s of times?Image may contain: tree, sky, outdoor, nature and water

Well, I knew reflections would be good since the pond would be still in the windless evening, the colors would be saturated since the light was muted by the fog, and the evening light would be good. I wanted a slow shutter speed to blur the wheel and since there was no wind everything else would be sharp. I was worried about rain. The results follow. I was actually quite pleased with the shots, they came out as visualized, and other that a bride and groom being photographed I had the location to myself. Also the foliage colors at the higher elevations were really nice on the way down.

Image may contain: plant, tree, grass, outdoor and nature
I was actually quite pleased with this final shot, what do you think?
Image may contain: tree, bridge, outdoor, water and nature